Indelect Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Indelect Technologies Pvt.Ltd. established in the year 1995 by the Technocrats having over 18 years of combined expertise in technology and mentoring experience in advanced areas of Biomedical Engineering, Medical Imaging Technology & Power Electronics.Indelect, over these years has acclaimed a high reputation in the international markets apart from serving the domestic Indian market. With a sustainable and consistently growing progress, Indelect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has evolved into a dominant player in the distribution of Biomedical, Medical Imaging & Power Electronic equipments. The organization has expanded vastly in its length and breadth and has its foot firmly grounded to diverse activities.

Indelect's Journey
Year Achievements
1995 Established by Mr G.Padmanabhan, also known as Mr G.P in the industry, as a maintenance and repair service provider of high-end medical imaging and radiation oncology equipments with only 2 employees
1996 Entered into the Indian market for selling products representing the brands of Shimadzu and Mitsubishi and providing direct maintenance contracts to major clients’ medical equipments
1997 Signed up an exclusive agreement with Fibretek Developments, South Africa to represent the innovative product CTSP – Frameless Steriotactic Device for neurosurgery
1999 Signed up an agreement with GEEVI Control Systems for manufacturing an in-house brand of Servo Stabilizers and UPS
2000 The Indelect team grew to a size of 15 members, establishing 15 installations of CTSP and encompasses a customer base of 500
2003 Signed up exclusive agreement with Nuclear Power Institute of China for a complete range of Radiation Oncology Solutions
2006 First break through telebobalt installation at Christian Cancer Centre Ambilikai, Tamil Nadu
2007 The First Shimadzu Flexavision installed in the country at Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai Second Telecobalt installation in Erode Cancer Center, Erode, Tamil Nadu>
2008 Reached about 40 users of CTSP all over India Reached an amount of 30 Shimandzu High Frequency X-Ray users in Tamil Nadu Rewarded the ISO9001: 2000 certificate for quality management system by TUV
2009 Touching around 50 users target of CTSP Third Cobalt installed in Sri Durga Clinic & Research Centre, Ponnamaravathi, Tamil Nadu First HDR Brachyatheraphy Unit delivered at Christian Fellowship Community Health Centre, Ambilikai
2010 Signed up an exclusive dealership with Genoray, Korea to represent their Mobile surgical C-Arm all over India